In this talk we are going to talk about snakes, reptiles that belong to the order Squamata and the suborder serpents. They are fascinating animals that have existed on earth for millions of years and are still found today in almost every ecosystem in the world.


This activity consists in taking nature walks in order to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature, as well as to promote the conservation of the environment, during these walks we seek to respect and care for the environment, avoiding leaving trash or damaging the flora and fauna present, we also seek that our guests learn about the ecosystem and the different natural elements present during the tour, you will have a specialized guide on the subject.


Also known as canyoning, it is an adventure sport that consists of descending watercourses through waterfalls or canyons, this activity combines climbing techniques, hiking and swimming, during the tour, practitioners must go through various natural obstacles such as waterfalls, jumps, and water wells, for this techniques such as rappelling, jumping in water, rope descent are used.